Could Swiss healthcare work in America?

I've long been curious to learn whether the Swiss healthcare system could work in America, but I've never actually put in the work to understand this. I know that Obamacare was partially inspired by the Swiss model, but I also know it left out some of the key pillars.

So far, I have not done the work to understand how many other things would need to change for the Swiss model to work here — both legislative and cultural. Can the Swiss model co-exist with employer-provided healthcare? High levels of non-compliance? Opaque healthcare markets and lack of transparency in pricing? State vs federal regulation?

I'm going to read more about this topic over the coming weeks. If you have recommendations, I'd love to hear about them — please drop me an email or DM me.

In the meantime, this article by the Foundation for Economic Education seems like an interesting start: Why the Swiss Health Care Model Will Never Work in America.